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There are two ways insurance companies generally deal with customers needing a DUI or SR22. First, your insurer may cancel you. In other cases, they will raise your premiums due to the new violation. At, we have over 40 years of experience in DUI & SR22 insurance. We have helped thousands of drivers reinstate their licenses, and shared our expertise and advice which in turn saved them thousands of dollars.

FR44 Insurance is a certificate verifying insurance coverage that meets the State’s requirements for financial liability. An FR44 certificate is required when a person is applying to reinstate their drivers license following a DUI or DWI conviction.

The cost of FR44 varies by person and situation. It can range based upon your driving history, coverage requirements from the State, the reason you are required to maintain an FR44 certificate and other factors related to you, personally. To get a customized, no-obligation quote, contact one of our agents today.

The State generally requires you to have FR44 insurance for 3 years from the conviction date. Every situation is different and should be confirmed with the State. If you decide to work with, we will contact to State on your behalf to confirm how long you are required to maintain your FR44 insurance.

Generally the violation will stay on your insurance record for up to 3 years. Most preferred carriers do not take drivers with DUI violations, so finding a company like not only saves time, but we do the shopping for you which also saves you money.

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We offer Insurance for the entire state of Florida from Jacksonville all the way South to Key West.

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